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English with Akram

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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my website. People like you support us by reading blog posts and seeing pages here. As you know, this website name is English with Akram, and the author is a professional English teacher.

More About English with Akram

Akram Khan, the founder of English Period is an experienced English teacher. He has taught hundreds of students since the time he started his teaching career. Students from different backgrounds and levels have come to him in order to learn and improve their English.

What Does He Teach?

As far as his teaching things are concerned, he trains kids, adults, and professionals. Whether it’s about English from the basics or any level, he can teach anything. In the last 4 years, the trainer has taught IELTS students. What’s more, he has improved the communication skill of many students.

How Does He Teach?

Since it really matters how modern trainers train their students, it’s important to know the teaching method of the director of the English Period Institute. Akram Khan has a unique method of teaching. If you are concerned about how and what he includes and what he teaches, you should watch the following video which has been reviewed by an IITIan:

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