Advanced Vocabulary Lesson 1


Advanced vocabulary lesson 1

The words in the “Advanced Vocabulary Lessons 1” are so useful, so you should learn them to use in your speaking and writing. Yell/Shout/Scream/Shriek means to speak loudly.

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Meaning: Yell, Shout, Scream and Shriek

You might yell, shout, scream or shriek if you are:

  • Communicating with someone who is far away (usually yell/shout)

“The soccer coach shouted instructions at the players in the field.”

  • Angry (usually shout or scream)

“My boss yelled at me after I failed to make the presentation on time.”

  • Afraid or surprised (usually scream/shriek)

“Sarah sherieked when she found out a big rat in her kitchen.”

  • In pain (usually scream/shriek)

“The little boy started screaming when he accidently closed his finger in the car.”

Note: Scream and Shriek can slo refer to making loud vocal sounds that are not words (especially in the case of fear, surprise, or pain).

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