Advanced Sentence Structure



Learning a lot of sentence structures can improve your speaking skill. For this reason, you should always work on the advanced structures in English. Akram Khan has explained a very good point for English learners. Learn Practice and Improve with this Advanced Sentence Structure.

Advanced Sentence Structure

In this lesson, I am going to explain a lesson that is very useful. Make a lot of sentences to remember this forever. You can make at least 3-4 examples followed by mine.

That’s +Wh-word

When you want to emphasize the same and repeat what someone said, you can use this structure. In other words, when you want to say yes to what the person in front of you is saying, you can use this structure.

  • That’s what

When something you are saying yes to is a thing known earlier.

That’s what I am saying to you.

That’s what he said about you.

That’s what I mean to say about him.

  • That’s when

When a place you want to say yes with.

That’s when I got married.

That’s when I get up in the morning.

That’s when I heard about your parents.

  • That’s why
  • to give a reason

That’s why I never go to the stadium alone.

That’s why they do not listen to us I think.

That’s why I am using this laptop for my office-related work.

  • That’s where
  • used for a place you want to emphasize

That’s where I met your friends in the market yesterday.

That’s where I live the city of Manchester United.

  • That’s who
  • used for a particular person

That’s who I gave q hundred dollars.

That’s who helped me with my need in the capital city.

  • That’s which
  • used for a non-living thing

That’s which I bought in the market yesterday.

That’s which I am trying to break with a hammer.

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