The Conjunctions of Conditions – Grammar


the conjunctions of condition

The conjunctions of conditions are often used in writing and speaking, so try to learn as many conjunctions as you can because we can face any situation. Let’s see the conjunctions of condition.

The Conjunctions of Condition

There is four mainly used conjunction as follow:


If you give me a chance, I will do that for you.

If you break this glass, you will be penalized.

Even if

Even if you give me all your money, I will not let you do this work.

Even if she proposes to me, I will not fall in love.


Supposing you won a lottery, what would you do?

Supposing your parents start living with you, how will you manage?

Provided (that)

I will do this for you provided you let me go.

She will agree to your conditions provided you give her some time to think.

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