Few vs a Few vs The Few

Few vs a Few vs The Few


Determiners are often confusing, so we should learn the differences between the words that seem similar in meaning. Here in this lesson, I am discussing the topic ‘Few vs a Few vs The Few.’ There

IELTS Classes in uttam nagar

IELTS Classes in Uttam Nagar


Are you struggling with your speaking skills? Are you having trouble speaking and looking for guidance to speak more fluently? If the answer is yes, then stop worrying and start learning with us. We are

Difference between good and well

Difference Between Good and Well


When anybody asks you how you are doing, what do you reply to them? There are two common answers: “I am good,” and “I am well.” Since these answers are often used interchangeably, many English

the conjunctions of condition

The Conjunctions of Conditions – Grammar


The conjunctions of conditions are often used in writing and speaking, so try to learn as many conjunctions as you can because we can face any situation. Let’s see the conjunctions of condition.


Advanced Sentence Structure


Learning a lot of sentence structures can improve your speaking skill. For this reason, you should always work on the advanced structures in English. Akram Khan has explained a very good point for English learners.

Advanced vocabulary lesson 1

Advanced Vocabulary Lesson 1


The words in the “Advanced Vocabulary Lessons 1” are so useful, so you should learn them to use in your speaking and writing. Yell/Shout/Scream/Shriek means to speak loudly. Meaning: Yell, Shout, Scream and Shriek You

uses of the prepositions at

Uses of the Preposition AT


Prepositions are very useful in speaking and writing. They help us form the correct sentences concerning the position, direction, and space. And, AT is among the most used prepositions, so we are going to learn

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